Jamestown City Council Postpones Vote On Downtown Parking Changes

Image by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.

JAMESTOWN — Members of the Jamestown City Council have agreed to table action on proposed parking changes downtown so they can finalize the city budget and have time for more discussion.

Members of the Finance Committee want the issue tabled until the 2021 budget is completed, Councilwoman Kimberly Ecklund messaged council members, while Council President Anthony Dolce said the members want more time for discussion and research.

Mayor Eddie Sundquist is proposing increasing parking meter fees to $1 an hour in the City starting Jan. 1. His proposal also calls for increasing parking fines from $10 to $15 and having the fines double if not paid within 20 days and double again after 30 days.

Several council members expressed concerns at the city’s recent work session.

Among concerns raised were having to put four quarters in a meter for one hour when there is an alleged coin shortage, increased parking costs driving consumers out of the city and how adding an app-based system will likely confuse older residents.


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