Local Grocery Stores Preparing For An Influx Of Shoppers As COVID-19 Cases Rise

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WEST ELLICOTT – As COVID-19 cases rise in Western New York, several local grocery stores are preparing for an influx of shoppers.

Last spring people rushed stores to fill up on food and cleaning supplies, creating a supply-and-demand issue nationwide.

Both local Wegmans and Tops grocers announced this week new limits on how much of certain items customers can purchase.

Now, the two chains say they’ve been busy replenishing their stock and improving the supply chain.

“Items that we can’t get from those name brands that you are accustom to seeing on hand, we are able to work with the largest U.S. wholesaler to get some off brand items to put on the shelf to make sure there is something for everyone,” said Tops Friendly Markets spokesperson Kathleen Sautter.

Sautter says her company has learned a lot from what happened in the spring to make sure they’re not blindsided this time around.


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