Jamestown City Council Votes Against Increase In Meter Costs, Parking Fines

Image by the City of Jamestown / Zoom. 11/30/20.

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JAMESTOWN – Two of the most controversial items included in Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist’s 2021 budget were reversed by the City Council during its November Voting Session Monday evening.

The first involved an increase in violations fines for parking meter, meter feeding and overtime in zone violations. The Council voted 7-2 to keep the fine amount the same, with Councilmen Tom Nelson (Ward VI) and Jeff Russell (At-Large) dissenting.

Another item involved a proposal to increase the cost of street parking in metered spots. The Council voted unanimously to keep the cost the same.

Both parking proposals were first discussed in October by Sundquist, but were immediately met with hesitation and disapproval with the uncertainty and hardship of the COVID-19 ongoing.

The Council, additionally, approved to unanimously include a zero-tax increase for the 2021 year.

In a different motion, the Council moved to keep the health insurance rates for retirees the same, with Grant Olson (Ward V) casting the sole “no” vote.

Overall, the 2021 budget was approved unanimously after a series of amendments passed by the Council. The Mayor could still choose to veto the amended budget, but Sundquist hasn’t indicated that he would.


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