D.C. Lawmakers Put Forward New Pandemic Relief Plan

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WASHINGTON – A bipartisan group of D.C. lawmakers have announced a $908-billion pandemic relief plan.

On Tuesday lawmakers detailed their plan meant to help families, businesses, workers and health care providers.

The effort is meant to break-up the partisan impasse that has been going on for months.

Congressman Tom Reed was among several Senators and Representatives who are supporting the act.

“We worked tirelessly with our senate partners to bring together, I think, a commonsense proposal, based on the principles of the Problem Solvers Caucus. We are proud Republicans, we are proud Democrats, we are proud House of Representative members and we are proud Senators. But at the end of the day we are fundamentally first and foremost proud Americans. And our job here, in this great Capital, and in the dome, is to listen to the American People and the American People are suffering,” said Reed. “It is time, as my colleagues have said, to deliver these results for them.”

Members in the group have tried to find areas they could agree on, that includes extending unemployment benefits, expanding school funding, providing money for more testing and vaccine distribution.

So far, the new stimulus plan does not have buy-in from the White House and Congressional Leaders.

Senators are hoping the plan can be attached to the spending bill that funds the government that has a December 11th deadline.


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  1. Can’t support any package that does not include individual stimulus payments and can not support any politician who is not fighting for individual stimulus payments this includes you Mr. Reed

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