Stimulus Negotiations Continue With Last-Ditch Relief Plan

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WASHINGTON – Negotiations are underway to find a compromise to save a COVID-19 relief bill on Capitol Hill.

The debate on Coronavirus relief comes as Congress must also pass a $1.4 Trillion spending bill to avoid a shutdown. That measure must be approved by Friday at midnight to fund the federal government until the end of September 2021.

Federal lawmakers are hopeful they can also find common ground on a $908 billion compromise relief plan.

But, to get to an agreement with Republicans, Democrats may be forced to scrap $160-billion in federal aid to cash-strapped cities and states.

And, Republicans may have to give up on liability protections for businesses faced with potential lawsuits during the pandemic.

The relief package is expected to include extended unemployment programs for 16 weeks.

The proposal would increase federal supplemental unemployment insurance benefits by $300 a week during that time.


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