Chautauqua County Health Department Outlines COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

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MAYVILLE – The Chautauqua County Health Department is shedding light on its plan to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine.

Health leaders say the vaccine will first be distributed to healthcare personnel working in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Specifically, CVS and Walgreens pharmacies will begin to bring vaccines to long-term care facility staff and residents. Hospitals are receiving vaccine shipments directly, leaders say, and will vaccinate their staff working in patient care settings.

After that, first responders, teachers, child care providers, public health workers and those at high risk for COVID-19 will be vaccinated under the second phase.

Then, those over 65, all other essential workers, and healthy adults and children will take the shot in phases three, four and five.

To reach each population vaccinations will take place in point of dispensing locations throughout the county.

The Health Department says the Pfizer vaccine comes with unique storage and distribution challenges as it must be kept at minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit. The vaccine is shipped in dry ice and then must be kept in super cold freezers. The vaccine is two doses, given 21 days apart.

The Moderna vaccine, once approved, does not have extreme temperature requirements for storage and has a 30 day shelf life. It also requires two doses, given 28 days apart.


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