New Legislation Places Further Restrictions On Waste Dumping

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ALBANY – New legislation to help prevent large scale illegal waste dumping in New York has been signed in to law.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on Tuesday to help place further restrictions on waste dumping.

According to the Office of the Governor, the legislation strengthens penalties against the illegal disposal of construction debris, demolition debris, and other hazardous substances.

Additionally, it will also designate fraudulent schemes involving the disposal of solid waste as a new crime in New York.

“Illegal dumping is a significant problem and too often its costs are unjustly passed on to the community,” said Cuomo in a statement. “Not only does this legislation strengthen criminal penalties to ensure sanctions do not simply become another cost of doing business, but it further discourages large-scale illegal dumping by holding developers and waste haulers accountable for creating the problem in the first place.”

Cuomo’s office stated that the legislation officially goes into effect on January 1

The Governor also signed a law limiting the circumstances under which Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials can arrest people on immigration violations at state courthouses.

The law, passed by the state Senate and Assembly in July, requires a warrant signed by a judge for ICE to make an immigration arrest. An arrest with an administrative warrant, which is not signed by a judge, or with no warrant at all would not be permitted.

The law’s supporters said courthouse immigration arrests had increased in recent years under the Trump administration, leading to fear among some that going to court proceedings on other matters could expose them to immigration enforcement.

In June, a federal judge blocked federal immigration authorities from making civil arrests at New York state courthouses or arresting anyone going there for a proceeding.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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