Governor Says It Is Up To Residents To Prevent The Next COVID-19 Shutdown

Image by Mike Groll/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

ALBANY — New York State’s Governor says it is up to residents to prevent the next COVID-19 related shutdown.

Governor Andrew Cuomo made the comments during a press briefing on Friday.

He says, “slow the spread, stop the shutdown.,” is New York’s new mantra.

“I also believe New Yorkers can slow the spread, they can flatten the curve, because I’ve seen it,” Cuomo said. “New York has defied all the odds and New Yorkers did it.”

He also believes New Yorkers have learned from the spike in COVID-19 cases after Thanksgiving. But will there be another economic shutdown?

“Nobody can answer that question today. They can have opinions. But it is purely up to us because it is up to our actions,” Cuomo said. “There is no destiny here. Destiny is what we make it.”

Vaccine distribution is continuing across the state, with 36,800 doses being prepared in Western New York.

Cuomo believes that hospitals are ready to deal with an expected surge in hospitalizations due to COVID-19. Right now, in downstate New York, there are 31,000 beds available after a 25% increase in capacity.

The Department of Health has said that hospitals must notify the state when they are three weeks from 85% capacity. Right now, no hospital in the state says they are nearing the 85% capacity limit.


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  1. So how will we know when the vaccine is working, currently there is a 99.7% survival rate unless your over 70…..

    Will there be a 99.8% survival rate???

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