Congressman Reed Says Relief Package Ensures Financial Support For Americans

Image via Rep. Tom Reed / Facebook.

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WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed says the $900-billion Coronavirus relief package passed by lawmakers on Monday night will ensure those suffering financially during the pandemic will not go without support.

The Senate passed the bill just before midnight after it cleared the House of Representatives.

The legislation includes up to $600 direct payments to most adult Americans, extends a moratorium on evictions and provides an additional $300 per-week in jobless benefits.

Last week, the Problem Solvers Caucus shared two bills which Reed says served as the framework for the final COVID-19 relief package.

Reed, co-chair of the group, spoke during a press conference in Washington D.C. on Monday.

“When we started working on a bipartisan, bicameral relief package in the fall, we did so because we fundamentally care about the needs of the American people,” said Reed. “In passing this COVID-19 relief deal tonight, we are ensuring small businesses, school districts, health care providers, nursing homes, individuals, and working families across New York will not go into the holidays without the support they deserve.”

“Working with our Senate partners, we are confident that this new way of governing will become commonplace in Washington, so the American people are once again the priority,” he furthered.

However, the package did not include financial support for local governments.

Congress also approved a resolution to keep the government funded for an additional seven days, which President Trump signed early Tuesday. Lawmakers want to use that time to formalize legislation to avoid a possible government shutdown.



  1. Shame… on ALL of you in Government for passing this Bill FULL of PORK…..

    $600 is this a joke, or just a slap to the American people , not one of government official didn’t receive a paycheck during this time,

    $10,000,000 = $10 million for Pakistan, for “Gender Programs”……- that’s in our budget this yr

    Remember the Kennedy Center.. they are getting another $40 million…….

    This is not a relief package, this is a nail in the coffin….. one of the last….

    Reed, Schumer, Pelosi, AOC, … should be proud,

    Merry Christmas Everyone ………………….

  2. Tom Reed, instead of touting this supposed success you should have the guts to stand up and call out your colleagues on both sides of the aisle for this pork laden garbage. Hats off to Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard for having the nerve that you didn’t display.

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