Senator Reflects On COVID-19 Experience, Still Stands Against Lockdown Measures

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IRVING – A New York State Senator who recently recovered from COVID-19 is reflecting on his experience with the virus.

Senator George Borrello, who represents the state’s 57th Senate district, says he still doesn’t know specifically where he contracted COVID, however is thankful he followed precautionary measures like wearing a mask.

“It is truly a very contagious virus, I can’t tell you where we got it,” said Borrello. “I am grateful that all the folks we were in close contact with tested negative.”

Borrello says while quarantined with his wife Kelly, he spent a lot of time thinking, reading and researching. He says even after catching the virus, he still believes the Governor’s mandated closures outweigh the actual risk of COVID-19.

“New York State has the most draconian measures when it comes to the lockdown,” said Borrello. “As of last Friday we had roughly 6,100 people hospitalized in New York State, compared with Florida which has no statewide restrictions of any kind and they have 5,100 people hospitalized, the Governor’s policy is now revolving around people who are in hospitals, and I get that, it is important, we do not want to overwhelm our hospital system, but, if that is your measure, then these lockdowns have yielded a worse result than the State of Florida who has none of it.”

As for the COVID-19 vaccine, Borrello says he would like to be “at the very end of the line,” not because he doesn’t trust its effectiveness, but rather, feels those most at risk should take it first.

Borrello says after consulting with medial professionals he believes he has some resistance to the virus after contracting it.


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