Resolve To Give Yourself A Break In 2021

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JAMESTOWN – 2020 has shaped up to be a test for all, with many looking for positive changes in the new year in an effort to reduce a year’s worth of pandemic stress.

Yet, Sophie Lazarus, a Clinical Psychologist with Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, warns that it may not be the best time to make resolutions for 2021.

Lazarus says we frequently set a high bar on January 1, which can often be difficult to meet. 

“We feel really discouraged, and, especially now, we just really don’t need that for ourselves,” says Lazarus.

Especially as we say goodbye to such a difficult year, Lazarus says a more reasonable resolution would be to simply try to take better care of ourselves.

She gave us three tips to keep in mind while trying to accomplish this.

First, try to begin with shifting your perspective, and don’t focus solely on your hardships. She says it can be helpful to turn our attention to things that we’re grateful for, such as family, friends, health, and even a sunny day in the gloominess of winter.

Next, Lazarus suggests taking time away from technology.

“Put the phone away. Put the computer away. Focus on what you’re doing, really gives our mind a break and allows us to be in the present moment and also gives us a break from this constant barrage of things we need to worry about,” says Lazarus.

Finally, she says be kind to yourself and give yourself the same grace you would give someone you love and care about and see how that affects your energy and wellbeing.


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