Groups Call On New York To Eliminate Fossil Fuel Subsidies

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ALBANY – New York organizations are calling upon the state government to eliminate non-essential fossil fuel subsidies from the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

In a press conference organized by the New York Youth Climate Leaders, Natural Resources Defense Council, and New York Public Interest Research Group, over 150 student, faith, labor, political, business and environmental groups from across the state issued a letter and petition addressed to legislative leadership and Governor Cuomo to eliminate unnecessary fossil fuel subsidies from the 2021-2022 state budget.

The groups say that New York is also facing a projected budget shortfall of more than $14 billion in the current fiscal year.

In light of this, the letter from advocates states that “Everyday New Yorkers, who are already suffering so greatly, cannot afford to bear the brunt of our fiscal shortfall. Instead of cutting essential public services, New York must make polluters pay by cutting subsidies to the oil and gas industry.”

Marco Volpitta, Co-Director of Government Affairs for the New York Youth Climate Leaders, said “As we move into an economy without fossil fuels, it’s high time that New York State stop giving tax breaks to companies with no place in the future of energy.

At a time when New York faces a multibillion-dollar budget shortfall, investing in our communities and safeguarding the future of our state should be prioritized over subsidizing an industry that no longer helps our state thrive.”


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