Reed: Time To Debate As Partisans, But Unite As Americans

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WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed (R), responding to the violent protests in Washington DC, says it’s time to unite in governing the nation, saying lawmakers should debate as partisans, but unite as Americans.

Speaking during a virtual press conference on Thursday, he called the protest “one of the most disheartening moments of my entire life.”

Noting that democracy is hard, Reed says “We engage as potential adversaries on policy, but we engage in the common bond that we are Americans.”

Reed believes all Americans reacted to the protests with fear, sadness and disappointment.

He also says lawmakers need to understand that there are millions of Americans who strongly believe the election was not fair or honest, and are sincere in their beliefs, and should not be judged.

“Blaming President Trump or the media is not the best action to take,” said Reed. “I think we need to move forward, and I think people will judge the President. History will judge the President and his legacy as President.”

He predicted the Republicans will rise from this incident.

“The people who have come to this conclusion that the election was taken and they think maybe the only path forward they have is war, and I’ve heard that rhetoric, that is not a path that we can pursue, that is not a path I will support,” Reed furthered.


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  1. Reed voted to refuse to hear/see the evidence brought to the People’s Floor.

    This evidence was 1,000’s of affidavits signed by ordinary American Citizens who witnessed things that they felt were fraudulent.

    Whether they were just or not, was NEVER determined as it was NEVER heard on the floor.

    There is over a weeks worth of testimony from citizens…. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents included. They were aired live. These people deserved to have their voices heard.

    Resign….. Now, neither side wants you Reed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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