Senator Borrello Says NYS Legislature Faces Several Issues In 2021

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ALBANY – State Senator George Borrello (R)  says there are plenty of issues that the New York State Legislature needs to address, including the recovery of small businesses, citizens, and the economy at-large.

WNY News Now interviewed Borrello yesterday, with the Senator telling us that he and his colleagues are introducing several pieces of legislation to address the core issues of New York State Government. Borrello explains that some of the legislation was already introduced last year.

The Senator says that the legislation will be key to the economic rebuild in New York State as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

“We are truly devastated. So many people, small businesses, our families have been harmed in the process,” Borrello said. “Unfortunately, our state is lagging behind other states when it comes to a recovery, and we are still through the throes of this pandemic. But at the same time, we need to be focused on how best we can elevate all people of New York. That has to start with removing the politics and being focused on common sense measures to safely and quickly restart our economy and help save our small businesses, because they employ the most people here in New York State.”

Borrello says that unemployment insurance rates will be “devastating” for small businesses, and could be the “final nail” in the coffin as many businesses will see as a doubling in their rates. Borrello says he has several bills he will introduce in an effort to address the rates and other issues that will continue to affect small businesses.

The broad increase of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s emergency pandemic authority, of which Borrello voted against, is also an area that the Senator says he will continue to fight against.

“We have to have a functioning  government that includes a functioning state legislature,” Borrello says. “We have seen, essentially, one person given the authority. That’s where I think Assemblyman (Andy) Goodell and myself and so many others are not only very concerned but have been very active in trying to change that situation. We’re not saying that the Governor should not have the authority to act quickly in emergency situations, but we’re almost going on a year now.”

Borrello says that the emergency powers Cuomo was granted are set to expire in April.

“I have a feeling he’s going to ask to have it extended,” Borrello said. “It can not be extended, at the very least, without some sort of check and balance put in place.”

Borrello also explained that he has concerns with the New York State budget. He says that hopes the State will learn from the pandemic and will cease to continue spending on “unnecessary” items and projects.

Multimedia Journalist Justin Gould contributed to this report. 


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