Additional New York National Guard Troops Deployed To D.C.

Image by Estelle Doro / MGN.

ALBANY – Additional troops with New York’s National Guard have been deployed to the nation’s Capitol.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Monday night that following a request from the U.S. Secretary of the Army and U.S. National Guard, an additional 542 members of New York’s National Guard will be deployed to Washington D.C.

According to Cuomo, this deployment is to help bolster Capitol security and will allow the previously deployed 1,300 National Guard members to return home.

5,000 troops are expected to stay in Washington through at least mid-march.

Image by Estelle Doro / MGN.

2,500 national guard members came to Washington to secure the city through Joe Biden’s Inauguration following violence at the Capitol.

National Guard General David Hokanson says he is also working to make sure his soldiers don’t have to sleep in parking garages in the interim.

There was widespread outcry when hundreds of guardsmen and women were forced to bunk in a freezing parking garage last week.

General Hokanson claims that kind of oversight won’t happen again as the troops keep peace in coming weeks around the capitol complex.


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