Congressman Reed Hints At Gubernatorial Run, Says Cuomo’s Days Are Numbered

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WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed says Governor Andrew Cuomo’s days in office are numbered, hinting that he may challenge him in 2022.

The Republican’s comments came after reporters on his weekly conference call asked about Cuomo’s response to Reed, and other Republicans, who are requesting the Justice Department investigate nursing home deaths in New York.

In a statement, Cuomo’s Administration suggested GOP lawmakers were tied to organizing and planning the recent riot in the U.S. Capital.

The response also suggested that Reed and other Trump enablers knew about the organizing and planning of the riot.

“I would expect no difference from Governor Cuomo to engage in such despicable rhetoric and he should be ashamed of himself,” said Reed.

The Congressman blames the state’s nursing home handling on a “complete lack of leadership” from the Governor.

“Governor Cuomo, your days are numbered and there is leadership coming to Albany very soon,” Reed furthered.

Reed has hinted about a run for the governorship before.

When asked if he plans to make a move elsewhere in 2022, Reed says he needs to focus on getting his district through the pandemic first.

“Where the political future takes me, it will take me,” Reed explained. “I am well aware of my commitment to the public and I will honor those communities and I will leave it to the public to make the decision as to where my future goes, it is always up to the people to decide my political fate and I respect their judgement.”

With New York expected to lose at least one House seat in a reapportionment before the 2022 election, his district could be eliminated with portions added to other redrawn districts.

The Congressional Representative has said in the past he only felt representatives should only serve six terms in office, and this is his sixth term.



  1. For Four years we have had a lack of leadership, the Covid 19 pandemic was not addressed by the Republicans and now Reed thinks he is a leader, after a years time and almost half a million deaths he is “focused on the pandemic”

  2. Governor Cuomo said “Who Cares how they died, PEOPLE DIE”

    How do you think the vaccine was delivered so fast?

    Spoiler= TRUMP, usually it takes years for a vaccine to be developed = Operation Warp Speed

    Basement Biden couldn’t have done that, it’s been less than 3 weeks, and all he knows how to do is sign Executive Orders.

    You might be a dictator if you’ve signed more Executive Orders than you’ve had days in office.

    Over 30 Executive Orders signed in less than 3 weeks,

    When are you going to wake up? It’s NOT Republicans, it’s NOT Democrats, they are two wings of the SAME bird.

    Both parties are corrupt.

    Quit blaming all your misery on Republicans.

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