Study: People Working From Home Putting In More Hours / CC BY 2.0

NEW YORK – New research conducted shows that people working from home in several countries are putting in more hours than before the pandemic.

Despite getting to sit in your pajamas all day, working from home might not be as relaxing as you thought it would be.

NordVPN, a New York-based company that provides VPNS to businesses, found working from home led to a 2.5 hour increase in the average workday for people in the United Kingdom, Austria, Canada and the United States.

It also noticed a 41 percent increase in business VPN server traffic on Thanksgiving compared with the average weekend.

The company says this “suggests that people are spending their family time working.”

A spokesperson for the company said that while technically someone could perform personal tasks while logged in, people typically use their work resources appropriately.

Despite spending nearly a year working from home, many people still struggle to find a work life balance.


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