Congressman Reed Calls Out “Wink-Wink” Deal Between Congress, Governors

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WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed says that he is afraid that Governor Andrew Cuomo will reduce state aid to local municipalities if Congress reaches a deal on federal aid as part of a stimulus package. 

Reed spoke with reporters during his weekly media call Wednesday morning. His call centered around ongoing negotiations with another COVID-19 package.

The Congressman explains that he will call out what he says is a “wink-wink” deal between Congress and governors throughout the country.

“Mark my words, February 10th, you guys (the media) are all aware of the little ‘wink-wink’ deal that’s being cut,” Reed said. “I’m calling it out for what it is. I’ll probably get killed politically for doing it, but I don’t give a damn because the local government is who I care about the most. And they’re the ones who are going to get screwed because of this deal that’s coming down on a state and local aid package.”

The Congressman says that he is, however, thrilled that direct aid was included in the latest negotiations.

“We fought hard in our office to make sure that was included in the package,” Reed said.

Reed says that he’s supportive overall of state and local aid, adding that he’s comfortable with the numbers that are being negotiated thus far.



  1. Just throw anything out there but nothing to back it up typical of the never right, Who the hell has a wink, wink deal with Trump, The never rights refusal to admit Trump led the insurrection will most likely be the end of the Republican party, voters are already dropping out of the republican party, Trump lost, next time he will get even less votes. Here is a question for you, how many years was Trump a Democrat and how long has he been a Republican? wink, wink and he attempted to pull off a Coup, nothing republican there.

    • Your still talking about Trump, how sad your life must be? I’m sorry for you & wish you better mental health.

      This article is about the current situation that American people need aid, and how they are NOT going to get it.

      $2000 DAY 1- Remember, my calculator says it’s been 3 weeks, they care more about revenge than the American people.

      Biden/Harris Administration promised Kids back in school EVERYDAY=nope not happening now we mean 1 day a week, and possibly into next year too

      Speaking of two, how about 2 masks

      Move on, let’s get to impeachment… now that the precedent has been set that we can impeach former government employees, there is a VERY long list of deserving Democrats & Republicans that deserve impeaching.

      1st=Obama, pallets of cash, (BIllions in multiple currencies, unmarked sent to Iran, WITHOUT Congressional Approval)

      • Can’t you comprehend what you read? Wink wink said he is “afraid” Cuomo will reduce state aid, who said that they are not going to get it. Winky said he is “afraid” they are not going to get it. Biden is not involved in the impeachment, and after the attack on Capital Hill you feel impeachment isn’t due? Charges of impeachment were levied while Trump was still in office. As far as speed of the new Administration, do you think it would have helped if Trump would have carried out a peaceful transition? How many of the other deserving people that you want impeached attacked police, destroyed a Federal Building and led to the deaths of five people and several other police injured? Obama doesn’t have anything to do with current affairs. Two masks is only recommended. McCarthy flew down to meet with Trump after he left office, For what? Now you want free money and free daycare, the never right are the ones that don’t want to approve the stimulus package, as usual. New York State Board of Education controls the School systems. The election was over in November, the transition should have started then, over two months transition should have been taking place and you think it will all happen in three weeks now. I don’t have a sad life, Trump is still very much involved in the never right Government still as McCarthy’s visit proves, I don’t need money or free daycare, and I haven’t been suckered into believing any imaginary B.S. such as stolen election, (sixty two court cases tossed out for lack of evidence), or anything Winky wants you to think until it is in place and I don’t need mental Health, I’m not following anyone that makes accusations until there is Proof.

        • Who is Winky, are you referring to our President Sniffing Joe? (Watch 7 min of Joe sniffing)

          I don’t want ANYTHING from this Government, except to be left alone.

          A lot of Americans need that $2000, Day 1, they needed it yesterday. Tell the person who must pay more now for insulin or their epi-pen that it’s the right holding back, when it is proven the Dems stalled on a stimulus from last June 2020, they admitted it. But we all know right/left it doesn’t matter, they DON’T CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

          The right… the left…. it’s ALL the same, Reed… Mitrano… Pelosi… Schumer… McConnell….McCain… Bush… Obama….Clinton…

          Can’t state cases were tossed out for lack of evidence, when NO EVIDENCE was allowed to be presented, they automatically threw them out.

          Why would citizens Democrat & Republican sign sworn affidavits to the testimony they seen fraud (with risk of perjury). There were even non citizens who just wanted to witness the election that said … “something was very suspiscous”
          Pizza boxes covering windows in Detroit, while they were counting votes with no witnesses allowed.
          Atlanta, GA =Ruby Freeman, her daughter aka Shay and the great water leak that kicked everyone out at 1:30AM, except for a few counters…

          The van rolling in at 1:23 AM, unloading over 50 boxes, then again at 2:00AM, (there was a 8pm cutoff)

          Anyone who says election fraud questions shouldn’t be looked at, should be questioned. We spent over 30 million on the Russia, Russia, Russia collusion hoax, and 2+yrs… We are a country full of people who question, and should remain that way.

          Watch the forums held by the states with actual citizen testimony.. Bet you won’t , there is over 3 weeks of it, every day, minimum 4 hrs each.

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