CDC Encourages Mask-Wearing With Popular Films Reels

CDC / WarnerMedia

WASHINGTON – The CDC has teamed up with the Ad Council and Warner Media to produce a star-studded PSA encouraging mask-wearing.

You’ll recognize most of the actors, but also many of the shots because they’re taken from some of America’s favorite movies.

The only difference is that masks have been super-imposed over the noses and mouths.

That includes Mike Myers in Austin Powers, Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, and even Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.

The shots in the clip are key moments from some of Warner Brothers’ most famous films

The PSA will air primarily across the Warner-Media ecosystem. It comes amid new information from the CDC on double masking.

According to the agency, wearing two masks instead of one can block over 92 percent of potentially infectious particles.

Wearing a mask with a moldable nose wire, knotting ear loops on your mask, or wearing a cloth mask over a procedure or disposable mask can help improve fit.


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  1. Have someone whom uses an Ecig put a mask on , double mask, triple mask, then a quadruple mask on.

    Then have them exhale the “vapor”, just watch the efficiency of a mask. It’s amazing how well the layering up works.
    It’s science you can do at home.

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