Cuomo Works To Provide Equitable Vaccine Distribution In New York State

Image by New York State Govenor's Office / YouTube.

ALBANY — According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, people of color could be left behind in terms of getting their COVID-19 vaccinations because of racial issues.

“COVID created low tide. It exposed fundamental issues that were lurking beneath the service,” Cuomo said.

He said among the issues are “structural racism and discrimination,” noting Black and Hispanic Americans have died from COVID-19 at higher rates than white people.

However, he did not cite specific details of systemic racism or discrimination in regards to COVID-19 care.

On Wednesday, Cuomo announced a new deal with the federal government to open mass vaccination sites to target communities of color.

The first two will be located in Brooklyn and Queens and are expected to open Feb. 24. They’ll be able to do about 3,000 vaccinations daily.

Those shots will be an additional allocation to what the state currently receives.

Cuomo said sites in Upstate New York are also in the works.

A recent poll showed that people of color are among the groups most likely to refuse a vaccination, even if required.


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