Reed Vows To Have Cuomo Aide, DeRosa, Arrested

Image via New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo /

WASHINGTON — Congressman Tom Reed has promised to file criminal charges against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa, for confessing to criminal activity for her part in an alleged and growing scandal about nursing home deaths in New York during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During a guest appearance on Fox Business, Reed vowed to file a personal criminal complaint in local and federal offices.

“Now we have Gov. Cuomo’s second-in-command essentially on a taped confession to fellow Democratic lawmakers admitting she committed criminal activity to cover up for what they were hiding from the federal officials that were responsible to get to the bottom of this,” Reed said.

He charged that Cuomo’s order to send positive COVID-19 patients to nursing homes “sent 15,000 people to their death that Cuomo issued back in March.”

Saying her actions cannot go unaccounted for, he vowed that Cuomo’s days in office are growing short.

“The days of Cuomo are going to be numbered in Albany here,” Reed told Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo.

“I’m going to be looking at filing a personal criminal complaint against this individual (DeRosa) today in local law enforcement offices as well as federal offices because she needs to be arrested today,” Reed said.

In a follow-up release, Reed said his office is pursuing every available legal option in the matter.

“We believe the latest evidence from the New York Post’s reporting, which consisted of a taped confession by Secretary DeRosa to New York State Assembly Members and Senators, demonstrates there was deliberate and admitted criminal conduct. As we speak, we are pursuing every legal avenue available, including filing criminal complaints, issuing subpoenas, and demanding investigations to hold Secretary DeRosa accountable to the law as we seek full justice for the grieving families of New York. For these families who lost loved ones in this horrific nursing home scandal, know that we stand with you and justice will be done,” Reed said.



  1. Trump did not do anything to address the pandemic and lied about death totals so have him arrested at the same time, “know that we stand with You”, half a million covid 19 deaths and the most you and your political party have done is nothing, Figures you were on FOX, fake news. The Republicans refuse to address the insurrection also, the party that only cares about the political party, not the people, and you think Gov. Cuomo’s days are numbered, Why doesn’t the republican party hold Trump accountable for the Covid Deaths? and the Insurrection? In light of everything that has happened in the past year your accusations are petty at best.

    • You’re totally in track with your response . Trump has yet, to quote Senator Susan Collins, “ learn his lesson. “

      Regarding Governor Cuomo directing RECOVERED COVID patients , that were discharged from the hospital , back into their home , that just happened to be a nursing home : WHERE else were these people supposed to go ? AND to the families that are outraged that their loved one suffered COVID because of close living conditions in the nursing home : if you were THAT concerned about your loved one being in an unsafe environment , why did you NOT pull your loved one out of the nursing home and arrange temporary care at your home or a hotel ?

      Let’s face it . When someone enters a nursing home it’s a holding area that functions as a waiting room prior to entrance into the Funersl home .

      Our state governments did the best that could be expected , mostly because the Trump administration and the CDC abandoned THEIR responsibilities to guide and fund a prompt response to COVID . After all, the feds had a two-month warning which the feds basically ignored .

      ‘Nuff said .

      Ann Honey Feeney,
      Harrisburg, PA

      • Simply amazed at the inane crap that came out of your mouth. My head is spinning with the thought that you actually believe the things you’ve written. Well, Joey is in,the wall is out,Israel is out,Iran is in COVID plan is……..we’ll circle back to you on that one. We’re all saved HALLELUJAH!!!!

    • Trump is the only one that is totally responsible for any accountability. He was in full control and did nothing. Don’t blame someone in the lower hierarchy it all started at the top.

    • Trump did what he could to help he sent the ship but they didn’t use it the send the machines which weren’t all used he had a lot to deal with Cuomo didn’t want Trump to know that there were more deaths then there were shame on you Cuomo !! He Should be jailed immediately! The girl was just doing what she was told to do and thank god she let it be known for the people that lost loved ones because he still said everyone dies is Bull crap! Arrest Cuomo Now!

      • I agree with having coumo arrested hes a killer and I heard him say on news those old people were gonna die anyhow well hes not god and he sleeps well at night what a heartless man but when it comes to trump I do not think he should be arrested he gave now york everything they needed built hospital sent ship trump pervided all and everything to states he did the best he could being an inperfect man but coumo differnt story he straight up killed people hes no good has no heart he doesn’t care what he did it wasent his parents grandparents he thinks he above God he has no right to take life

  2. Talking about the cult of Trump , what a double standard you DemonRats live in denial your Governor is the only responsible for all those deaths , wake up and smell the coffee, hate kills the soul , Karma 😤

    • Ignorance and lies killed a half million, then another five, first sentence said also, it didn’t try to pass the blame ReTrumplicans style

  3. This is about what Cuomo did, not Trump. Period.

    If Cuomo and his assistant are guilty they should have a fair trial and have the charges brought to the table and examined by a jury of their peers.

    This is America, we have laws. You can not talk about different cases that don’t pertain to the current one on trial in the court of law.

    If Cuomo and DeRosa aren’t guilty, then they have nothing to hide, let the trial begin, as the Impeachment one is now OVER.

    Even with:

    – A Democrat Majority in Both Chambers of Congress
    – A Judge who was also a Democrat Juror
    – House Managers submitting doctored Tweets and fraudulently edited video evidence
    – 7 RINOs voting along with Democrats to convict


  4. I think your all full of shit… it’s a PANDEMIC PEOPLE, it doesn’t matter who said what, people died because they caught a virus not what some politician did…. there still dead!!!! Stop blaming each other… sound like spoiled children …

    • Cuomo was responsible Common Sense doesn’t have common sense because they could had of been sent to the ship not back to spread the disease to the nursing homes

  5. And what about Pennsylvania gov snd health secretary who did the same thing in Pennsylvania sending people to there deaths there who is looking at them
    Oh wait pa health director get hired in Washington for her part in killing people

  6. I say remove him from office now coumo he’s a straight killer that blames others for his decisions he was pervided everything and still put covid19 patients in nursing homes cant blame feds coumo I heard him thank trump on tv for perviding everything to his state what bothers me is he thinks its ok what he did no sorry your parents die or grand parents and he sleeps good every night sick heartless man put him in jail now

  7. Well look if u blame trump thats you this was about Cuomo he should be locked up and have the keys thrown out hes done more harm for uostate ny then he has done good and if u hate trump so much the demorats said they were leaving the country well what ya know just like everytime they say sometging just blank promises also if u say trump should be arrested you voted for biden a man noctorious for being a wanted felon in ukraine and a bonafied pedophile

  8. Each state was responsible for handling Covid. NY was given MORE than any other state in the way of Federal help by the USS Comfort (not used) and the Javits Center, that was built to house and care for Covid patients. Neither was used. Both cost the Federal government millions.

    Cuomo thanked Trump repeatedly for all of his help. Cuomo held daily (yes, daily) television updates for weeks to update everyone on Covid, and took “full responsibility” at the time. I’m sure every news network has those tapes, and any prosecutor can obtain them. Why should he try to push blame off now? He killed the elderly. It wasn’t his mother in the nursing home. He made sure of that.

    Over the next several months, I’m sure more will come out regarding this. Know this though… Cuomo looks out for himself. He will throw anyone under the bus to make himself look good.

    He took PPE from all over NYS hospitals to be put in warehouses and doled out “as needed”. Yeah…there was no real ‘shortage’ just him hording it. Yes, I have first hand knowledge of this. He caused the deaths of hundreds of our front line workers as well. Look into it. It’s all there. There are emails that can be traced. Due diligence. Do your jobs media! Don’t make someone else do it for you.

    • New York city has more than eight and a half million people all living in close quarters, the ship and the Javits center were set up when New York was running out of beds, not in January when Trump was first informed of the spread. Cuomo has to answer for his actions, Trump should too, his lack of addressing the Pandemic is an atrocity.

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