Texas Winter Storm Blamed For Rising Gas Prices In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN – A winter storm in Texas is blamed for rising gas prices in the Jamestown area.

According to AAA, the circumstance is very similar to a Gulf Coast hurricane’s impact.

New York State’s average price at the pump has gone up five cents since Monday and is now $2.65 per gallon.

In Jamestown, the average price for a gallon of petrol is $2.67, up 14 cents from February 1.

Motorists concerned about potential price gouging are encouraged to contact the State Attorney General.



  1. Hunter Biden is an expert on Energy. He is on the board of a Large Energy Firm in Ukraine. They have freezing/subzero temperatures in Ukraine.

    With all the knowledge he has in this field , we should send him down to Texas to solve this Energy Crisis we are having.

    Thank God, we will all be saved.

  2. The “winter storm has had minimal impact on gas prices…..The rise in gas prices is on ALL YOU FOLKS THAT VOTED BIDEN!!!! GET USED TO THIS!!!! it’s what Biden told you he was going to do….

  3. 7-11 Randolph $2.759 up 46 cents per gallon since President Magoo was sworn in a month ago! All energy costs will be rising dramatically! American energy self sufficiency is gone! Oh, living in NY we should be used to having Democrats in charge! Can’t wait till 2022 when we can take back the House & Senate!

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