Rapid COVID-19 Testing Effort To Help Safely Reopen New York Underway

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ALBANY – A public-private partnership to make low-cost rapid testing available to all New Yorkers is underway.

Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the launch of the New York Forward Rapid Test Program to help businesses safely reopen.

He says eleven initial testing sites in New York City will kick off the program, with upstate sites planned.

Cuomo believes expanding access to rapid testing allows business and entertainment centers to safely re-open.

“Throughout the COVID pandemic, we have relied on science over emotion and political rhetoric to guide our decisions, using all the tools available to navigate New York’s public health and economic challenges,” Governor Cuomo said. “I have said from the beginning that testing will be a key part of our post-pandemic recovery because it will help us accelerate the reopening of our economy – without undoing the extraordinary progress we made in beating back the virus.”

The Governor’s Office says this network provides an additional layer of protection and confidence and it anticipates future State guidance that will increase capacity limits contingent upon testing.

Testing providers participating in the network must make rapid testing available for no more than $30, provide participants with their results within 30 minutes, and offer a mechanism for people to schedule in advance and report the results to the State.

To reduce the cost of testing for New Yorkers and expand the number of sites, the State is providing access to Abbott BinaxNow tests at cost to some providers and working with the Real Estate Board of New York, Business Improvement Districts and other partners across the state to identify spaces that can be donated for the testing network.

Donated sites must be in a “commercially-zoned corridor,” contain at least 750 square feet of open space and be available immediately for a minimum of six months.

Sites must have street-level access, a restroom and be Americans With Disabilities Act-compliant.


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