Congressman Reed Says Challenging Cuomo Would Require 100 Percent Effort

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WASHINGTON — To run for and serve as Governor, a candidate is required to put forth a concerted effort in listening to people who’ve walked different paths of life.  

That’s according to Congressman Tom Reed, who continued to express interest in running against Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2022 during his weekly teleconference Wednesday afternoon with reporters.

WNY News Now asked the Corning Republican what he would bring to the table if he was to run and win the 2022 New York State Gubernatorial Race. He says he will lend an ear to his constituents, regardless of whether or not they share the same ideas with him.

“We do the work 24/7, we show up, we do the town halls, we listen to people and we listen to all different walks of life,” Reed said. “We show up in rooms and areas that support us, that are against us, and we stay in the rooms and have the conversations like we do in the Problem Solvers Caucus here in Washington, D.C.”

Several Western New Yorker voters have expressed their feelings of disenfranchisement with Albany during interaction with WNY News Now. The Congressman explains, if elected, he’d bring their ideas with him to the State Capital.

“Western New York is my home. That’s where I come from,” Reed said. “I know that world very well, and we would bring that point of view to Albany, clearly, because of our background.”

Reed, however, says that he is also well-versed in New York as a whole. He adds that he wants New York to be “prosperous” and filled with opportunities for years to come.

A run for Governor would rule out a bid for re-election in Congress, according to Reed.

“I’m not like these other political folks that have often had this issue presented to them,” Reed said. ‘If we decide to run for Governor, we would be making that a 100 percent commitment, and we would put everything into that effort and that means not running in regards to our federal office, because I think that is the only right way to do it. I think that is being honest with the voters….”

Reed says that he’ll make a decision to run “sooner rather than later,” but he’ll first need to continue conversations with his family after his children received a death threat involving a noose around a dead rat and bricks with their names on it.

In addition, Reed explains that he’d want to see if he had a chance at uniting the State Republican Party in support of his campaign.


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  1. Challenging Cuomo won’t be hard as long as it’s NOT you, Mr. Reed.

    As someone whom has voted for you in the past, I would vote for a turd sandwich over you, at least with Cuomo we know exactly what to expect. Reed flip flops so much, I don’t know which side of his mouth he’s talking out of…

    Elise Stefanik… now there is a woman I can stand behind

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