Gas Prices Continue To Climb In The Jamestown Area

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JAMESTOWN – Gas prices continue to climb in and around the Jamestown area.

Last Monday, the price for a gallon of gas was $2.75. A check of this week shows the average price for a gallon of gas is now $2.79, a four-cent increase.

Both the state and national average is also up from last week.

The state’s average is $2.78, up eight cents, with the national average at $2.72, up eight cents.

Auto club AAA says the price jump is inline with increasing crude oil prices caused by refinery outages due to last week’s winter storm that impacted the Gulf Coast.

As refineries restart and resume normal operations, experts say supply is expected to increase in impacted areas and that should bring stability to pump prices.



  1. Imagine that 5 weeks after inauguration gas prices are up 50 cents a gallon in Randolph! That’s with low demand this time of the year! What will the price be by Memorial Day? As the saying goes”elections have consequences!” The decisions made in these 5 weeks will have long lasting consequences! Energy independence, gone after stopping the pipe line and limiting drilling! Wall construction stopped opening our southern border! Transgender boy’s competing in girls sports! The list goes on, many may rethink their vote for Biden?

  2. How is Energy independence being stopped because a pipeline from CANADA is stopped from Crossing the United States because of Environmental concerns, how does the United States, the fifth largest exporter of petroleum lose energy independence because of this? The Election in November caused the weather that shut down the refineries in Texas? Prices are also rising due to the vaccine and expected economic recovery. A half million people won’t rethink their vote because they died of Covid19 due to Trumps failure to address the Pandemic.

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