Reed Says Cuomo’s Future Not A Factor In Decision To Run For Governor

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WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed has spent his early days exploring a bid for New York State Governor blasting current Governor Andrew Cuomo for allegations of sexual harassment as well as his handling of COVID-19 in nursing homes during the pandemic.

Cuomo is currently under investigation in both instances, and those interested in running will be watching to see whether or not he’ll be removed from office as they determine their political future. The Congressman, however, says that he will not base his decision to run for Governor on a removal or resignation.

“If Andrew Cuomo is not the (Democratic) candidate, and I’m seriously looking at this race regardless of whether Andrew Cuomo is the candidate or not, that is not a deal breaker, ” Reed said. “I know some folks are looking at it and are trying to figure out if it’s going to be Andrew Cuomo or not and that’s going to be a determinate factor whether or not they run to win. I would be running because I believe we need to not have one-party control, we need to not have Andrew Cuomo in the office, but at the end of the day, I think there’s a better way to govern in Albany.”

The Congressman was, again, asked for a timeline on when he would reach a decision regarding whether or not to run for Governor. He explains that he wants to make a decision “sooner rather than later,” noting that he needs to continue discussing his options with his family as well as various stakeholders.

Reed was also asked for his thoughts on running for both his U.S. Representative Seat and the Governor position at the same time. Reed says that he will only focus on one race with 100 percent energy.

The Corning Republican, however, adds that he will not resign from his current post if he was to run because he wants to “fulfill” his obligations to the residents of his district throughout his two-year term.


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