Spare Change Adds Up In A Sizable Donation From Lincoln Elementary

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JAMESTOWN – Spare change of students at Lincoln Elementary School in Jamestown has added up to be a big donation to a local charity.

Students recently collected over 100,000 pennies to help raise money for the Salvation Army, equaling $1,134.62 in just one week.

The school did a week full of activities, which included collecting pennies in celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

Lincoln School chose the Salvation Army because of the wide array of programs and services they provide to children and families in the Jamestown community.

In the spirit of giving and helping others, the students were divided into two teams, UPK, first and third grades and kindergarten, second, and fourth grades, to collect as many pennies as possible in one week’s time.

“We truly were astonished at the total we were able to give,” said Lincoln Elementary School Principal Katie Russo in a statement. “I am so proud of our kids and how much they love giving back to their own community. It is an important lesson to learn to serve others at a young age.”

Lincoln School would also like to acknowledge Tabatha Peterson, mom of second grader Sophia Peterson, who works at the Jamestown Area Community Federal Credit Union along with all employees for their assistance with counting the pennies.

The Salvation Army offers many services to the local community including: a food pantry, extra food giveaway at the end of the month, resources to take care of children’s medical needs, distributing cleaning goods for COVID, diapers and formulas for infants, and rental and utility assistance for those affected by the pandemic.


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