Amid New Allegations Cuomo Says He Won’t Resign, Will “Wait For The Facts”

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ALBANY – Amid new allegations of inappropriate behavior against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo the embattled executive asks New Yorkers to “wait for the facts” and that he will not resign.

Cuomo spoke during an afternoon press conference phone call with news reporters on Friday as new allegations reported by New York Magazine detail more than 30 women who at one point worked with Cuomo claiming that “bullying was a defining element of his management style.”

Additionally, the magazine reports that women who worked with Cuomo were told to dress up, and some told by senior staff that they had to wear high heels “whenever the governor was around.”

In what is the seventh allegation against Cuomo, reporter Jessica Bakeman tells the magazine she experienced a “pattern of touching” from him, and that, Cuomo intended to make her feel uncomfortable.

“It’s not that Cuomo spares men in his orbit from his trademark bullying and demeaning behavior,” Bakeman wrote. “But the way he bullies and demeans women is different.”

Multiple lawmakers, both across New York State and at the federal level, are calling for the Governor to resign, something Cuomo says will not happen.

“I’m not elected by the politicians, I’m elected by the people,” said Cuomo. “I’m not part of the political club, and I’m proud of that.”

In a message he echoed since the first allegation last December, the Governor asked New Yorkers to await results of official probes into the matter.

“As I told New Yorkers many times there are facts, and there are opinions and I always separated the two,” furthered Cuomo. “Politicians who don’t know a single fact but yet form a comparison and opinion are in my opinion reckless and dangerous.”

The top Democrat in the state Assembly, Speaker Carl Heastie, on Thursday backed a plan for its judiciary committee to launch an impeachment investigation.

The committee can interview witnesses and subpoena documents and its inquiry could be wide-ranging: from alleged sexual misconduct to COVID-19 outbreaks at nursing homes. It won’t interfere with a separate inquiry of sexual harassment allegations being conducted by state Attorney General Letitia James, according to Heastie and James.

In New York, the Assembly is the legislative house that could move to impeach Cuomo, who faces multiple allegations that he made the workplace an uncomfortable place for young women with sexually suggestive remarks and behavior, including unwanted touching and a kiss. One aide claimed the governor’s aides publicly smeared her after she accused him of sexual harassment.

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  1. Facts are you have multiple woman coming forward with very similar accusations. Are you calling them all liars? Facts are the people don’t trust you anymore it’s time to resign.

  2. DONY RESIGHN Cuomo You did a dam good job during the pandemics worst.Those woman should be embarrassed of themselves.They are making real woman who have been sexually harassed raped look sooo stuipid.we shouldn’t stand for it.Grow up n find another way to get money.

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