Border Patrol: Surge In Migrants Expected To Continue

USCBP / Jerry Glaser

WASHINGTON – A border patrol official says the surge of migrants the U.S., Mexico border, is expected to continue for a couple months.

Spring and summer are traditionally busier at the border, with the official saying there are unique challenges this year because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Customs and Border Protection have issues with overcrowding at facilities, especially for unaccompanied minors.

Children are spending much longer than the 72-hour legal limit in CPB custody.

According to the official, as of late last week, the average time was about 90 hours.

The agency has deployed more agents to the area to help speed up processing.


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  1. If there is any truth to the “Pandemic”, why are the borders basically open?

    They are overflowing, but yet Americans aren’t allowed to leave their house, no more than groups of 10.

    Complete BS, and it’s going to get worse…

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