Nearly 30% Of Chautauqua County Residents Received The COVID-19 So Far

WNY News Now Staff Image.

JAMESTOWN – Nearly 30 percent of Chautauqua County residents have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine so far.

That’s according to updated statistics released Sunday by the New York State Department of Health; an increase of nearly five percent from the week before.

Specifically, 37,670 residents are vaccinated out of 127,000 people.

Of those getting the shot, more than 19,500 are fully immunized.

Last week, local health leaders received their largest shipment of vaccines from New York State to date.

Clinics at SUNY JCC and SUNY Fredonia administered 3,000 doses over a two-day period with Moderna’s shot.

“As we get more of our adult population vaccinated, I’m hopeful that we’ll have less spread in general as we build up towards herd immunity,” said Chautauqua County Public Health Director Christine Schuyler in an interview last week; as her staff worked to balance vaccinations with new infections connected to a potential spring surge in cases.

Whether people choose to get vaccinated or not, Schuyler is optimistic that there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, she says it is not a time to get complacent.

“The risk is real, especially for those who are at higher risk of complications and death from COVID and those with underlying health conditions and are elderly,” said Schuyler. “It is everyone’s responsibility to do their best to take care of not just ourselves but those around us.”

In an effort to help speed up vaccinations and combat confusion about who can get the shot, County Executive PJ Wendel tells WNY News Now he is lobbying the state to open eligibility to all New Yorkers.

Meanwhile, in nearby Cattaraugus County 25 percent of residents have received at least once dose of the shot.

That’s more than 19,000 people out of 76,000.

To date, more than 11,000 Cattaraugus County residents have completed their immunization.


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