Sen. Schumer Wants Federal Agencies To Close The ‘Ghost Gun’ Loophole

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NEW YORK – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wants to close a loophole that allows gun kits to be bought and sold without background checks or serial numbers.

He is calling on the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to target what are called ‘ghost guns.’

Schumer explained that ‘ghost guns’ are sold in pieces or kits and come without background checks, serial numbers, or anything else that the current law demands of legally purchased firearms.

“Right now, the Biden administration, the can label ‘ghost guns’ as classified as having to be registered before you can buy them and eliminate the scourge of ‘ghost guns.’ They are guns. The lights are flashing red on the issue of ghost guns and their threats,” said Schumer. “When the, when the bad people can’t buy guns at a gun shop because they need to do a background check, they can order these kits in the mail or buy them in stores. And no one asks any questions, so criminals can get them. Anyone can get them. It’s a very bad thing.”

Schumer added, that in some states, it is harder to buy cold medicine than it is a ghost gun assembly kit.

“The feds know it, the people who are building these kits know it, and the public should not have to be threatened by it,” said Schumer.


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