Trout Season Opens Today

Image by Scott Lux.

JAMESTOWN – Trout season opened Thursday morning across New York State.

This year, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is stocking 1.8 million catchable trout in waters across the state.

The DEC says this year’s fish are larger, and some streams will get four stockings of trout.

While on the water, the State is reminding anglers to stay smart when fishing by:

  • Social distancing
  • Masking up when you cannot maintain social distancing, especially in parking lots and along footpaths
  • Avoiding sharing gear when possible
  • Respecting your fellow anglers and the resource by providing space and practicing ethical angling
  • Taking out what you bring in or placing trash in receptacles

In the fall, anglers will be able to fish for trout throughout the state due to the creation of a statewide catch and release season that will run from October 16 through March 31, providing an opportunity for those who normally have to wait for spring.


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