Peloton Tread+ Owners Told To Stop Using The Treadmill In ‘Urgent Warning’

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NEW YORK – A U.S. Government agency is urging Peloton’s Tread Plus customers with small children and pets to stop using the machine immediately.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the message comes after multiple dangerous incidents with the machine, including a child’s death.

A statement from the commission said it has become aware of 39 accidents involving the treadmill.

There have been reports of children becoming entrapped, pinned, and pulled under machine.

For now, the commission hasn’t issued a voluntary recall because peloton allegedly won’t agree to corrective action.

The company says the CPSC statement is inaccurate and misleading.

Peloton said there’s “no reason” to stop using the machine if safety instructions, such as correctly using its safety key, are followed.

Peloton does warn the tread plus should be kept away from children under 16 years old and pets “at all times.”

The agency says it will investigate “all known incidents” with the machine. The commission requests people to report incidents to the agency.


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