Several ‘Green’ Initiatives Pass Through NY’s State Legislature This Week

Photo: Matt H. Wade / CC BY 3.0

ALBANY – Several ‘green’ initiatives passed through New York State’s Legislature this week, including legislation requiring new cars sold from the year 2035 forward to be electric.

Specifically, the EV bill, now heads to Governor Andrew Cuomo for signature into law.

A sponsor of the legislation says New York follows California who passed a similar measure.

Another bill that passed both chambers aims to cut EV charging costs by creating an electric vehicle charging commercial tariff.

An issue that’s still being debated is a carbon tax to combat greenhouse gas emissions. However, during a press conference earlier this week, Republicans said that would be costly to not just corporations, but consumers.

“In the middle of a pandemic, we’re talking about raising taxes on regular New Yorkers, millions of them who take cars to get to work, 55 cents a gallon, 26 percent to heat their homes?” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt.

The legislature also voted to ban small plastic bottles for personal care items like shampoo to be given to guests at hotels.


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  1. What a building,how many apartments would it make, that would be enough to cover at least the tax’s every year.

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