NY Bill Would Require All New Vehicles To Solely Run On Electric Energy

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ALBANY – A bill that would require all new passenger vehicles sold in New York to run solely on electric energy has passed the state’s senate.

The legislation directs the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation to establish regulations stating that 100% of new passenger vehicles sold are electric by 2035 and that medium and heavy-duty vehicles sold are electric by 2045.

By doing so, the bill ensures a smooth and orderly process to fully electrify all vehicles in New York.

With more than 11 million vehicles registered in the state, the proposed law’s sponsors say the transportation sector is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in New York State, with much of that air pollution disproportionally affecting low-income communities and communities of color.

As air pollution leads to higher cases of lung and cardiovascular disease, Black and brown communities have been hit hard by COVID-19.

The bill now heads to Governor Cuomo’s desk for his signature.


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  1. How come the “media” never mentions that ALL electric cars, run on coal… where do you think they get the electric from? You have to charge the batteries somehow, you have to produce the metal for the machinery to make the cars.

    And don’t say the sun, … because… those solar panels, are made by combining massive quantities of coal and silver heated to extremely high temperatures (made possible by the energy of coal, ..again). The coal used to make a solar panel, and the life of the solar panel are not worth the production and the pollution that the making of a solar panel creates. It’s a fascinating process of the process of how to make a solar panel, ~spoiler~, they are NOT produced in a Green, environmentally safe way.

    Never mind the lithium batteries used for these electric cars and the mining practices that goes with that… But who cares that’s in Africa/Afghanistan right? (Not in my backyard)

    Are you old enough to remember 25yrs ago when they were making the push to go from paper bags to plastic bags because paper bags were killing the earth? Here we are back to paper bags because plastic bags are killing the earth.

    More rules and regulations, wonder who has stocks in electric cars?

    Nancy Pelosi’s husband invested in Tesla back in December, wonder what he knew? I’m sure a government official would NEVER profit on insider knowledge.

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