New York State’s Average Gas Price Reaches $3 A Gallon

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JAMESTOWN – New York State’s average gas price has reached $3 a gallon.

According to AAA, the noticeable jump in prices could be blamed on a cyber-attack that led to the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline.

Oil and gas prices, which the auto group says were already on the rise due to spring demand, could continue to rise depending on the amount of time the pipeline is shut down.

If pipeline reopens in a matter of days, AAA says little disruption is expected. However, a longer shutdown could result in supply concerns and other issues.

The price for a gallon of gas in Jamestown is $2.95 a gallon according to’s daily survey. Although some northern Chautauqua County stations are selling fuel at $2.99 a gallon.

Prices statewide went up five cents since last week. That’s three cents above the national average of $2.97.

The national average, which isn’t far under New York’s, was seven cents lower a week ago.

The pipeline runs from Texas to New Jersey and supplies about half of the fuel that is used on the East Coast.


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