Governor Cuomo’s Brother Criticized For Role In Harassment Scandal Response

Image by Late Night with Seth Meyers.

ALBANY – The brother of New York’s Governor is receiving flack from critics who say he crossed the line between politics and journalism.

Chris Cuomo, according to the Washington Post, gave advice to his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo who is being accused of sexual harassment.

The CNN anchor, the Post reports, was present during conference calls involving the Governor’s top aid, communications team, lawyers, and advisers in which he told the Governor to “take a defiant position and not to resign from the governor’s office.”

The Governor’s brother also referred to the term “cancel culture” as a reason to strongly deny the sexual harassment allegations made by former staff members, according to two people who heard the conference calls.

Advisors to Governor Cuomo confirmed there were “a few” phone conversations, with friends and advisers giving the governor advice. CNN also confirmed to the Post of Chris Cuomo’s involvement in the strategy sessions.

The Governor has made multiple appearances on his brother’s evening CNN show where the two have engaged in discussions about New York’s response to COVID-19 among other topics. At times their discussions appeared to take on the resemblance of sibling rivalry, with Governor Cuomo joking that he was their mother’s favorite.

The Governor has also been criticized as of late because of a book deal he made about New York’s response to the COVID pandemic. He reportedly earned $5 million from the deal with Penguin Random House.


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