Area History Museum Eyes Exhibit Expansion To Include Archeological Dig

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JAMESTOWN – A local history museum in Jamestown is working on expanding its virtual experience to include history below the Earth.

In an expansion to their already ongoing QR code initiative, historians with the Fenton History Center are planning a new, virtual exhibit, to tie into their archeological dig of the center’s grounds.

Over the last decade, Noah Goodling, the museum’s Executive Director, explains that his staff and volunteers have successfully recovered artifacts of the property’s past.

Specifically, Goodling says remanence of the carriage house, that was demolished in 1919, were discovered during the expedition.

“We found 1,000s, literally 1,000s of artifacts, just little pieces of the life of the Fenton Family and of their servants, others that were on the grounds during the time when the Fenton Family was here,” explained Goodling. “That gives us just a little bit of insight into what light might have been like.”

He says because they can not display 1,000s of artifacts all at once, or keep the ground dug up for the public to view, the QR codes are the next best thing.

“The signs will only be a small bit of the story, the QR codes will give us an unlimited amount of space to explore that story,” furthered Goodling. “Give access to the artifacts, give access to the expertise and the people that were involved with it.”

There is not a fixed date for the installation of the new signs yet, however Goodling hopes to have the new feature in place before the snow falls.


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