Memorial Day Weekend Expected To See A Great American Travel Boom

Image by Jay Galvin / CC BY 2.0.

WASHINGTON – With states across the country loosening COVID restrictions, Americans are eager to travel this Memorial Day Weekend.

Experts are saying we may see an unprecedented number of travelers since the pandemic began.

“AAA forecasts 37 million people are going to travel by plane, by car, by bus,” explained AAA’s Jeanette McGee.

The auto group says that’s a 60 percent increase in travelers compared to last year.

In total, millions are expected to hit the road, with one of the biggest issues for drivers: gas prices.

The national average is a little over three dollars a gallon, the highest since 2014.

“Rather than going as far as they originally planned they may alter their trip to travel not as far,” said McGee. “Regardless of how expensive gas prices are that’s not going to keep people from traveling, and taking those road trips this summer.”

While most will take to the roads, many are also taking to the skies, explains Robert Spinden, the Federal Security Director with the Transportation Security Administration.

“Over this holiday weekend we are expecting 65 to 70 thousand passengers per day through our checkpoints,” said Spinden.

Travelers will notice increased security at airports beginning this weekend. The TSA is also adjusting staffing to accommodate more traffic through security checkpoints.

Even though things seem to be getting back to normal, the pandemic isn’t over yet, so it’s important to plan ahead and stay safe.

“If you’re going to a hotel, are all the amenities open? Some pools are closed, not every dining room is open. If you’re traveling to the airport make sure parking lots are open,” furthered McGee.


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