Happy National Doughnut Day!

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JAMESTOWN – It seems like almost everyone goes nuts for doughnuts, especially on National Doughnut Day.

First celebrated in 1938, National Doughnut Day was organized by the Salvation Army to commemorate the volunteers who traveled overseas during WWI to provide support for the troops, sometimes in the form of sugary, doughy treats.

According to the group, these “Donut Lassies,” as they came to be known, would also fry up doughnuts on the front lines, which in turn helped to popularize the treat among returning GIs.

Today, National Doughnut Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday in June, often by devouring as many free doughnuts as possible.

But as history has shown, doughnuts offer more than just jelly filling and empty calories. The doughnut has had a long, and sometimes strange history in the United States.

Local favorite Tim Horton’s is among many shops offering deals during the day, in fact, they are running a special to make ‘every day donut day.’ Through June 15, the coffee and bake shop is selling donuts for 50 cents, with purchase of more than 50 cents.


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