Push To End Child Mask Mandate In New York Underway

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ALBANY – There is a new push to end child mask mandates in New York.

Sponsored by State Assemblyman Chris Tague, and supported by Assemblyman Andy Goodell who represents Chautauqua County, the legislation would prevent state agencies from mandating mask requirements for children.

The bill would end mask requirements for children in schools, summer camps and similar settings, while not allowing state agencies to implement such mandates in the future for healthy, non-symptomatic children under the age of 18.

Assemblyman Goodell says kids don’t need to grow up in a hospital environment, but rather just be kids.

“We need to let our kids live their childhood safely and they can do it without masks,” said Goodell. “Give the power back to their parents, like our kids live their life.”

Vaccination rates in New York have remained higher than the national average among adults, and supporters of the bill say evidence suggests that COVID-19 doesn’t spread significantly within schools between children.



  1. The CDC says children do not have to wear masks inside a school building.

    Cuomo said nope, Children to wear masks

    How come Cuomo won’t follow the “science”? If he is not following the science, then he is denying that the CDC knows what they are talking about.

  2. CDC has mask recommendation guidelines posted on their website which states children 2 years of age or older should wear a mask in an a public setting unless fully vaccinated, at least for the remainder of the school year but left it up to the School Districts whether the children have to wear a mask outdoors. Cuomo is following the CDC guidelines “The Science” currently posted. Goodell isn’t following the “science”. No denying some people don’t know what they are talking about.

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