Age To Arrest Juveniles, Easing Of Parole Penalties Passes New York Statehouse

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ALBANY — Proposed legal changes in New York State would allow nonviolent parole violators to avoid jailtime and children under 12 would no longer be arrested as juveniles.

The Less is More Act was passed by the state Senate and Assembly on Thursday. It would largely eliminate the practice of incarcerating people for technical parole violations in New York.

The parole bill has exceptions for parole violations that could endanger public safety, including if someone incarcerated for driving under the influence then went out driving.

People could also receive “earned time credits” to encourage positive behavior, and would have the right to counsel during the parole revocation process.

The Assembly also passed a bill to end the arrest and prosecution of kids below the age of 12, except in homicide cases. That bill previously passed the Senate.

Under current state law, children can be charged as juvenile delinquents as young as age 7.

Legislative leaders will decide when to send the bills to Governor Andrew Cuomo, who would have 10 days to sign or veto it.


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