BBB: Sweepstakes, Lotto Scams Cost Americans 227 Million Dollars Last Year

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WASHINGTON – Americans lost millions of dollars in sweepstakes and lottery scams during the pandemic.

According to a report from the Better Business Bureau, it totaled 227 million dollars.

Government agencies also saw reports of financial losses increase during 2020.

The BBB says quarantine and isolation may have played a factor last year.

Scammers primarily target older Americans through social media, email, or phone.

They tell the so-called winners they have to pay taxes or fees before awarding the prize.

The consumer watchdog group says true lotteries and sweepstakes don’t ask for money.

According to the BBB, people over the age of 55 represent 72 percent of fraud reports over the past three years. Of these consumers, 91 percent said they lost money.


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