Sinkhole Repair Work Underway

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JAMESTOWN – Work to repair two sinkholes impacting a major thoroughfare in Jamestown is underway.

City of Jamestown Director of Public Works Jeffery Lehman says the holes formed after a sewage line broke on East Second Street near Weeks Street.

A plumber, Lehman reports, has since been hired and is performing repairs.

He says while sinkholes are not rare for Jamestown, or any city for that matter, the fact that the holes formed from two separate plumbing issues across the street from each other is odd.

“It was just a coincidence that they happened to be close together, and that caused part of the emergency because the east and westbound lane had an issue,” explained Lehman. “The whole process is something that happens all the time in the city, or anywhere with hold pipes, it just happened to be on a major state highway.”

Once the plumber repairs the lines, crews expect to fix the roadway sometime next week. However Lehman says traffic is not impacted at this time.


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