Pelosi Introduces Resolution For Jan 6 Committee


WASHINGTON – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to push for an investigation into the January insurrection at the Capitol.

Monday, Pelosi introduced a resolution to create a special select committee to look into the January 6 attack.

The committee would be made up of 13 members total, five from the minority, eight from the majority.

A senior democratic aide says Pelosi is considering adding a republican among her eight appointees.

The group would have subpoena power.

The resolution is scheduled for a vote by the full house on Wednesday.


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  1. Question, why did Nancy Pelosi refuse Trump’s request for 10,000 National Guard? She should be put on the stand under oath to testify.

    Question, the Capitol has MAGNETIC locks on ALL doors, they were unlocked by someone. Who gave that order?

    Question, There are photos of DC Capitol Police holding the doors open for people, who gave the order for the DC Capitol Police to stand down? The Capitol Police Chief should be put under oath to testify. Did she give the order or was she told the order, if so , by whom?

    There is also video of them conferencing with “Viking Man”, telling them they are allowed to be there and will be able to address Congress…… ITS ON VIDEO…. who are those officers?

    Question, Who killed Ashli Babbit?

    Put Nancy Pelosi on the Stand

    There are still Political Prisoners being held for 1-6-21, the worst charge so far is trespassing, no jail… 6 months probation… and they are trying to say this is the worst attack on American soil…. as in the words of our MOST FAVORED President in history Joe Biden “Come On Man…..”

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