Trump Organization CFO Turns Himself In To DA’s Office, Indictment Expected Later


NEW YORK – Trump organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg surrendered to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Thursday.

He is set to be arraigned in the afternoon on charges that have not yet been unsealed.

They are expected to center around benefits from the real estate company he extended to his family.

Those include payments for cars, rent, tuition and medical bills.

Weisselberg’s former daughter-in-law has been cooperating with investigators for months and providing evidence to them.

The gifts were uncovered by a two-year long probe that began with tax questions over hush-money payments made to former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

Trump organization lawyers have called it “unprecedented” and “outrageous” for a company to be indicted for failing to pay taxes on benefits.

Allen Weisselberg has worked for the trump organization since 1973.


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  1. I wish we would investigate ALL politicians families the way they have looked in the Trump’s (for five years straight).

    How do politicians , especially at the Federal level, whom are “supposedly” public servants become millionaires while in office…

    Even AOC, a bartender in NYC, is now a millionaire… that was quick

    As in the words of the most liked, and voted for president in history, MORE liked, loved, and voted for than Barack Obama and JFK… the coolest ice cream eating, aviator wearing grandpa, Joe Biden …”Come on Man…”

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