Boy Scouts Of America Reach Settlement With Child Sexual Abuse Victims

Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs Office / CC BY 2.0

IRVING, TX – The Boy Scouts of America have reached a settlement with attorneys representing victims of child sex abuse. 

The organization reached an agreement with attorneys representing approximately 60,000 former Boy Scouts who claimed to have been sexually abused during their time within the organization.

They will pay $850 million, one of the largest settlements in U.S. history that centers around sexual abuse.

Papers were presented by the Boy Scout Organization in court yesterday with a restructured support agreement with the attorneys representing the abuse sufferers. It also includes clauses designed to protect the attorneys who have been defending the Boy Scouts of America.

The settlement pushes the scouting group to the brink of bankruptcy. It also comes after an attempt in February of last year to stop the lawsuit from moving forward and instead create a compensation fund for the sexual abuse victims, which would have provided bankruptcy protection, but it never was accepted.


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