Law Enforcement Agencies Gear Up For Independence Day Weekend

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JAMESTOWN – Law enforcement agencies across Chautauqua County are gearing up for Independence Day Weekend, with a warning to residents about self-hosted firework displays, drinking and driving and more. 

Self-hosted firework displays, which has been an increasing problem within the City of Jamestown, are illegal in New York State.

In fact, law enforcement officials say anyone arrested for possessing a firework can face up to one year in prison. Furthermore, the sale of fireworks to a minor is a felony crime. 

Sparklers, however, are legal and for sale at businesses across the area. Police say when enjoying the device with family and friends, it is important to monitor children to keep them safe.

Aside from fireworks, police are asking drivers to keep a heightened awareness around parks and other large gatherings, as there will be lots of people, especially small children, who may pop out in front of cars without much warning. 

Additionally, drinking and driving is also a concern with police reminding people who consume alcohol to plan for a safe ride home. 

Finally, with the uptick in fireworks use expected, pet owners are asked to keep their furry friends on leashes, and be mindful that dogs especially may be more noise-sensitive.

Ultimately, if there is an emergency situation, the best option is to call 9-1-1.


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