Gas Prices Continue To Soar Across New York, The Nation

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JAMESTOWN – As the amount of drivers on the road increases, so do national and state gas prices.

New York State’s average gas price is currently $3.19 per gallon while the national average is $3.15.

According to, the average gas price in the Jamestown area is also $3.19 a gallon, on par with the state average.

This increase in costs reflects the higher demand for fuel as compared to last year during lockdowns when national gas prices averaged at $2.20 per gallon.

AAA says the demand for gas is the highest since 1991 and that American drivers can expect the cost of gas to continue to increase throughout the summer.


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  1. Thanks to Joe Biden, our Keystone Pipeline project killed in the 1st week. … Russia got approval for theirs by Ol’ Joe.

    .. but hey the White House said we saved $0.16 on our 4th of July picnic. What did you do with all your savings ? Wait until inflation really hits… The Great Reset..

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