CDC: Vax Up, Mask Up To Protect Kids

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WASHINGTON – As the back to school season inches closer, the push to encourage vaccinations in children continues.

The CDC says the age group with the lowest vaccination rate is kids 12 to 15, with only about a quarter fully vaccinated.

Many health workers and politicians are blaming rampant misinformation, but Pfizer hopes to dispel some of this misinformation with new data for kids 5 to 11 coming sometime in September.

So far, Moderna hasn’t given a potential date for clinical trial information.

In the meantime, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends “all students older than 2 years and all school staff should wear face masks at school.”

This comes after the extension of a 90-day national public health emergency declaration due to rising COVID-19 in every state.

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy says those who can get vaccinated should do so to protect those that do not have enough information to make a decision.

“They depend on us being vaccinated to protect them from the spread of the virus,” says Murthy. “We are their shields.”

Doctors say, even if parents and caregivers are vaccinated, if they live in an area with high transmission, it’s best to wear a mask.


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  1. Remember the plague that wiped out the Amish because they don’t vaccinate …. Me neither

    Maybe the uptick in covid cases is because of the WIDE OPEN BORDER, the military shipping people from the border to other locations across the country.

    ICE officials verified the claims to the San Antonio Express News on Monday and also revealed that, since June 29th, 780 illegals have been flown to undisclosed cities across the interior of the US out of the Laughlin Air Force base in Del Rio Texas.

    They are NOT being tested, or vaccinated, …..

    What is the TRUTH?

    The vaccines are NOT FDA approved
    Since January 1st… Over 11K deaths reported to VAERS
    Over 90K hospitalizations & urgent care
    Over 2,800 incidents of Bell’s Palsy
    Over 1,000 miscarriages
    Over 2,400 cases of anaphylaxis
    Over 3,900 heart attacks
    These statistics are straight from the CDC’s website. These are FACTS, folks. Not conjecture. FACTS.

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